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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Syngene, through Biocon Foundation, undertook the rejuvenation of Hebbagodi and Yarandahalli lakes in Bengaluru with the help of local stakeholders and government policymakers. A natural and eco-friendly method called bioremediation has been adopted for the treatment of sewage spilling into the lake. This method involves the application of enzymes-microorganisms to clean up the polluted water, energy efficient cascading aerators and submersible mixers to enhance the level of dissolved oxygen in the water and floating wetlands treatment to purify the water further.

While cleaning of polluted water is salient to deliver on the ambitions of lake revival, creating a sense of belonging amongst stakeholders, improving governance and pursuance of regulatory norms are of vital importance in bringing sustainability to our water resources.

Syngene's Environment and Central Engineering teams employ green technology tools to drive improvement in environmental sustainability.

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