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Syngene respects and ensures integrity of research data and confidentiality attached to it. All the scientists working here are covered under the agreement of Data Confidentiality. At Syngene, IP is assigned to the client right at the beginning of the relationship. Client’s information is encoded and protected as per their requirement.

Also, the management conducts IP awareness sessions for scientists through regular training sessions on Good Notebook practices that provide an understanding of the purpose of R&D notebooks, patents, trade secrets, scientific data archival in electronic media, etc. These sessions provide overview on the type of experiment data that need to be recorded, signing & witnessing the Lab Notebooks and general rules to maintain these Lab Notebooks.

We ensure that our clients get the project updates on Real-Time basis with high level of data confidentiality. Our information technology department has implemented state-of-the-art security measures for data sharing and data protection supported by effective backup solutions.

Information Security is handled effectively by implementing policies and controls (User Account Management, Access Rights Management Data Backup & Restoration, Patch Management, Change Control, etc.) to ensure data protection, access to personal emails is prohibited. We use Microsoft Exchange Server as a mailing System. SOPs are in place to grant/ revoke access to IT resources (Data access, USB access, email access, etc.). Information exchange happens with clients through eRooms, Teleconference/ Video Conference facility.

We have implemented SAP to manage all Syngene’s projects. All clients are assigned unique client codes & project codes in ERP. Scientists have access only to their project specific information. i.e. projects on which they are mapped based on their user privileges. Online stock availability from ERP can also be extended to partners for their projects running in Syngene.

In addition to the above, Syngene has implemented Waters Nugenesis SDMS solutions to enable online access of compound analytical results (NMR, HPLC) to clients while physical reports can be sent later. Clients can also have access to their program specific e-lab notebooks wherein real time updates of research results are done. A centralized eJournal helpdesk caters to the scientific community with ejournals from the scientific database depending on the program need.

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