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Syngene Laboratory Animal Research (SLAR) is a state-of-the-art laboratory animal facility which houses different small laboratory animals such as rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits. The facility is spread across 47,900 sq. ft. of animal holding and support space of which approximately 17000 sq. ft. is dedicated mainly for GLP studies and the remaining is dedicated for exploratory studies in the area of discovery research.

Some of the key instruments are listed below: 

Pain & Inflammation
  • Plethysmometer (UGO Basile),
  • Hargreaves's, Von Frey Apparatus
  • Hot/Cold Plate
  • Tail Flick Unit
  • Echo MRI
  • In vivo Xtreme

Hematology & Biochemistry
  • Hematology analyzer (Advia 2120i, Sysmex-xs 800i)
  • Clinical chemistry analyzer (Erba-EM 360/ Siemens Dimension Xpand plus)
  • Urinary analyzer (Clinetek adventia)
  • Electrolyte analyzer - Easylyte (Medica)
  • Coagulation analyzer (STart 4)

Histopathology Instruments
  • Automated Vacuum tissue processor (Leica ASP 200S and Leica ASP300 S -)
  • Embedding centre (Microm EC 350)
  • Microtome (Microm HM340E and HM355S) with cryo console,hotplate and waterbath
  • Automated stainer (Microm HMS740)
  • li>Cover slipper (Leica: CV5030)
  • Microscope (Nikon:50i, & ECi S; Olympus: BX53F)
  • Nikon ECi S microscope fitted with Leica MC170 HD camera
  • Leica analysis suite bundle (LAS)

Formulation Analysis and Bioanalytical instruments
  • HPLC

    • Agilent 1100 & 1200 series
    • Shimadzu-UFLC (Prominence series)
    • Shimadzu-UHPLC (Nexera series)

  • LC-MS/MS

    • API 2000
    • API 3200
    • API 4000 (with Lightsight ™ software)
    • API 4000 Q-Trap

  • Sample Processing

    • TurboVap
    • Bullet Blender
  • MagPIX
  • Small animal treadmill
  • Grip Strength Meter
  • Animal Activity Meter Opto-Varimex-4 Auto-Track

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