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Bioinformatics Research & Services


Bioinformatics Research & Services

At Syngene, we offer integrated bioinformatics services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies across the drug discovery pipeline. Our bioinformatics services span the entire gamut from building data packages, pathway databases and knowledge bases, to analysis of high throughput data, predictive modeling, structural modeling, mechanistic toxicology and systems biology.

Our highly experienced and skilled professional team of biologists, data scientists and informaticians is supported by software platforms such as Strand NGS, the Sarchictect Suite and the Virtual Liver technologies enabling us to provide scientific expertise and seamless delivery to our collaborators and making their research decisions more effective.

Our bioinformatics services can be accessed either in a standalone manner or as part of an integrated project that could include Syngene’s discovery biology, chemistry, clinical development or safety assessment capabilities.

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    Data Annotation and Analysis
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    The Heptox Platform
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    Systems Biology & Quantitative Pharmacology
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    NGS Data Analysis
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    Software Platforms
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