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Multi-Omics Data Analysis

Multi-Omics Data Analysis

A powerful tool to tackle diverse biological problems 

Multi-omics data include data generated from Next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarrays, proteomics, metabolomics and other high throughput biological assays. NGS is a DNA sequencing technology that offers in-depth information and ultra-high throughput to solve your complex and diverse range of biological and genomic problems. NGS as a technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, animal health and cosmetic industry. Syngene harnesses best in class technology and unmatched expertise to help unravel the information stored in genetic material.

Accurate and Precise

Syngene Multi-Omics group helps build novel models for better designed clinical trials in target populations. It also aids the discovery of lead therapeutic targets and to enhance the overall understanding of drugs (both approved and under development)

Custom tailored to your needs

Syngene’s Multi-Omics’ offerings are completely customizable and delivers rapid turnaround and accurate, easy to use data.  Our expertise spans a wide spectrum of sample types and ensures reliable and cost-effective translation of raw reads into meaningful, ready to publish genomic insights

We are a One-Stop-Shop to cater to your varied Multi-omics requirements

  • Biomarker discovery
  • Patient stratification
  • Neoantigen prediction
  • Adventitious agent detection in cell lines
  • Responder/non-responder analysis
  • MOA of drug
  • Novel gene prediction
  • Gene metabolite mapping
  • Nutrigenomics


Omics Data Analysis Expertise



Why Syngene Multi-Omics ?



Our methodology



Syngene’s Multi-Omics offerings help customisation of pipeline with respect to your specific study requirements and reliably translate raw data from the experimental pipeline into meaningful genomic insights



  • Genomic-Analysis
    Genomic Analysis
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  • Transcriptome-Profiling
    Transcriptome Profiling
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  • Metagenomics
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  • Proteomics
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  • Biological-Contextualization
    Biological Contextualization
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  • Bio-Informatics-Hub
    Bioinformatics Hub
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