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Biological Contextualization

What is Biological Contextualization?

Syngene’s Biological Contextualization services help clients draw meaningful conclusions from Omics data through the expert interpretation of complex datasets. By evaluating the huge volumes of information generated through analysis of Omics data, with a specific focus on the original research question posed by the study sponsor, our scientists help understand the biological relevance of the findings and provide directions on the next steps to be taken. 

Our team is comprised of world-class biologists with experience across multiple domains including drug discovery, drug target identification, mechanism of drug action (MOA), the discovery of biomarkers, cancer therapy, human and animal nutrition, clinical genomics as well as academic research.  We follow a robust methodology that is pipeline agnostic and delivers comprehensive annotation of differentially expressed genes in terms of pathways, enriched patterns, clustering, and correlation.

Our methodology

Biological Contextualization of DEGs

  • Ontology Analysis
  • NLP based gene networks
  • Pathway Enrichments
  • Metadata Overlay
  • Correlations and clustering

Biological Contextualization standard deliverables

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