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What is Metagenomics?

The field of metagenomics has provided a great impetus with advent of NGS . Metagenomics using NGS is a powerful tool that can profile entire microbial communities from complex samples, discover new organisms, and explore the dynamic nature of microbial populations under changing conditions.

Disease relevance of Metagenomics

Microbiome is increasingly recognized as being an important contributor of human health and disease. Their role is being investigated by cosmetic and CPG industries to understand the involvement in maintenance of  skin, scalp and oral health. Similarly pharmaceutical industries are looking to gut microbiome to understand the basis of various disorders.

Our methodology

We offer the following analyses that helps you make smarter and faster decisions

  • 16S
  • Shotgun Metagenomics (Reference based and Denovo)
  • Taxonomic Diversity
  • Growth Dynamics
  • Functional and Gene Catalog Analysis
  • Multi-domain analysis (cross-sectional and longitudinal)

Metagenomics standard deliverables

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