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What is Proteomics?

Large scale analyses of proteins (or Proteomics) is critical in translational research as they are important players in any cellular function. With applications ranging across target identification and validation, biomarker discovery, and investigations into mechanisms of toxicity or drug action, having the right partner for your proteomics needs is more important than ever. 

Syngene’s class-leading next-generation proteomics capabilities help advance your research programs by providing insights on protein expression, sub-cellular based localization, protein-protein interaction networks/pathways, post-translational modifications ( viz. phosphorylation) as well as quantitative analysis.

Syngene Proteomics helps you decide on the best approaches for your drug discovery/ development programs through our comprehensive offerings:

  • Label-free quantitation (LFQ)
  • Chemical labeling – iTRAQ/TMT and SILAC quantitation
  • Functional Analysis – GO, enriched pathways and networks

Our Proteomics analyses pipeline

We offer the following analyses that helps you make smarter and faster decisions

  • Label-free quantitation (LFQ)
  • Chemical labeling – iTRAQ/TMT/SILAC quantitation
  • Functional Analysis – GO, enriched pathways and networks

Proteomics standard deliverables

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