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Transcriptome Profiling

What is Transcriptomics?

Transcriptomics is focused on studying the complete set of RNA transcripts. Syngene Transcriptomics helps clients gain an in-depth understanding of expressed genes and gene regulation mechanisms. Our experienced scientists and advanced platforms have capabilities ranging from RNA-sequencing, splice variants, non-coding RNA and others. As experts in gene expression analysis and data interpretation, we deliver to our clients' actionable insights across different populations, induced conditions, organs, and environmental factors and brings to light broad coordinated trends that cannot be discerned by more targeted assays.


General RNA-Seq methodology

We provide various functional analyses including:

  • Differential gene expression analysis and visualization
  • Alternative splicing analysis 
  • Gene Ontology enrichment analysis
  • KEGG enrichment analysis
  • Gene Signature Enrichment analysis
  • Molecular network analysis
  • Function of interest analysis (e.g., toxicity pathways)

Transcriptomics standard deliverables

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