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Technology Transfer Services


Technology Transfer Services

The objective of the tech transfer exercise is to ensure a unidirectional process from lab to manufacturing facilities. This is ensured by collecting data around scalability, robustness and sustainability of the developed processes in the lab stage as well as at the tech transfer stage. Syngene is equipped to simulate the heat and mass transfer conditions experienced in the manufacturing scale at the laboratory stage itself with appropriate instrumentation including automated glass reactors. With such facilities and expertise, Syngene is well equipped to anticipate the difficulties and challenges (potential show stoppers) in the manufacturing plant well ahead of the actual scale up. As part of our complete end-to-end solution, we offer a systematic, tried and tested approach to tech transfer. We believe the ultimate success of a tech transfer is to ensure safe scale-up of processes with consistent quality.

We are proficient in developing a robust process right from laboratory to manufacturing scale. Syngene has created many “right first time technology transfer success stories of an in-house developed process and customer processes” and this has been considered as one of our key strengths and differentiator.

We have a well-established technology transfer framework, which ensures rigorous process understanding before transfer and supported by the best documentation practices.

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