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Discovery Analytical Chemistry

Syngene’s Discovery Analytical Chemistry provides analytical and separation services to discovery chemistry team and for stand-alone projects. Our analytical facility has got full range of state-of-the-art instruments.

  • Strategic collaboration with a US Large Pharma.
  • High-throughput synthesis of peptide libraries.
  • Solid-phase Peptide synthesis on Automated synthesizer – up to 48 peptides at a time.
  • Synthesis of high-quality peptides within the predefined timelines.
  • Method development using HPLC, GC, UPLC-MS, LC-MS and GC-MS
  • Chiral and achiral separation using SFC and preparative HPLC from milligrams to multi-hundred grams scale
  • Residual solvent analysis
  • Structural elucidation using LC-MS & NMR
  • High-throughput purification of library compounds
  • Trace analysis and detection of impurity up to 0.01% for OLED compounds
  • Capability to separate multiple kilograms
  • Impurity isolation and Characterization studies
  • Non-carry over studies for the API molecules
  • Preparative HPLC (UV, DAD, MS & ELSD)
  • GC (FID & TCD)/GCMS (Purge & trap and Headspace)
  • LCMS (Single quad, Ion trap & Q-TOF)
  • SFC ( Analytical SFC-MS & Preparative SFC-UV )
  • GPC (VWD & RI) and Recycling preparative GPC
  • NMR (300 & 400 MHz)

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