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Peptide Synthesis

Syngene’s peptide synthesis group is specialised in the synthesis of various type of peptides from few mg to a gram scale. Our state-of-the-art labs are equipped with several automated peptides synthesisers and other supporting equipment.

  • Strategic collaboration with a Large Pharma company based at US.
  • High-throughput synthesis of peptide libraries.
  • Solid-phase Peptide synthesis on Automated synthesizer – up to 48 peptides at a time.
  • Synthesis of high-quality peptides within the predefined timelines.
  • Linear peptides up to 50-mer.
  • Cysteine rich & disulfide bridged Peptides.
  • Peptide Derivatives and Labelling with PEG, Biotin, FITC, FAM etc.
  • Conformational constrained peptides.

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