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Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development

Syngene has expertise, state of art infrastructure and diverse experience to provide pharmaceutical formulation development solutions for various dosage forms. We offer end to end pharmaceutical formulation development services ranging from early phase development to clinical supplies for new chemical entities, generics and life cycle extension products. At Syngene, formulations are developed using pre-formulation data to design prototype formulations and processes. The formulation development center also has its own validated stability chambers to conduct lab stability tests to support selection of a suitable formulation and manufacturing process.

Our offerings include:

Oral Solid Dosage Forms
  • Tablets
    • Conventional tablets – immediate release
    • Modified release tablets – matrix and functionally coated
  • Capsules
    • FIH formulations – drug in capsule
    • Formulated capsules – powder blend/granules in capsules
    • Modified release capsules- beads or mini tablets in capsules
    • Liquid filled hard gelatine capsules
    • Comparator development
Liquid Dosage Forms
  • Oral liquids
    • GLP tox formulation
    • Solution and suspension
    • Emulsions and Micro-emulsions
    • Powder for oral solution or suspension
  • Parenterals
    • Ready-to-use liquid and lyophilized formulations for IV, IM and SC administration
Semi-solids Dosage Forms
  •    Ointments, creams and gels

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