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Preformulation Studies


Preformulation Studies

The formulation development centre at Syngene offers a wide range of services for pre- formulation studies to support formulation and process development. Our scientists have the expertise to link the information generated at this stage to develop a quality product.

Our offerings include:

Physico-Chemical Characterization
  • pH- solubility profile and pKa determination
  • Solubility in various aqueous and non-aqueous vehicles
  • pH- stability profile
  • Intrinsic dissolution
  • Melting point
  • Hygroscopicity
  • Partition coefficient
  • Polymorph characterization studies
Powder Characteristics
  • Particle size distribution
  • True density and powder envelop density (powder, granules, roll compacted ribbons)
  • Bulk and tap density determination
  • Flow properties
Drug Excipient Compatibility Study
  • Binary or ternary mixtures of API with excipients from various functional categories such as diluents, binders, glidants, disintegrants, lubricants etc.
  • Packaging material compatibility studies
  • Selection of excipients for formulation development is based on the results of this study

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