Putting Science to Work

Small Molecule Discovery

Syngene has a breadth of experience and capabilities in chemistry and biology encompassing medicinal chemistry supported by computer aided drug design and structure based drug design, reagent generation and crystallography, in vitro assay biology, medium-to-high throughput screening, high-content screening, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and in vivo pharmacology. Syngene seamlessly integrates these multiple/ diverse functions to support hit-to-lead, lead optimization and candidate selection for different target classes and across diverse therapeutic areas.

Syngene can undertake high-throughput screening to screen client’s library of compounds for “Hit” generation while undertaking rational design through iterative and directed chemical modifications to generate “Leads” with freedom-to-operate. Optimization of lead candidates is undertaken through a battery of ADME/PK studies along with PK/PD correlation and efficacy evaluation in relevant animal models. Additional studies such as incorporation of disease relevant PD biomarkers, understanding mechanism-of-action, establishing preclinical-to-clinical translational potential, determining safety margin through exploratory toxicity and safety studies are undertaken to facilitate identification of a differentiated clinical candidate.

Our multidisciplinary approach


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