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Polymerization Process Development (GMP/Non-GMP)

Syngene’s polymer group operates from a dedicated GMP manufacturing facility equipped with environmental monitoring system and clean rooms. The facility operates from GMP grade batch sizes of 5 gm to over 500 kg to produce a broad range of Polymer compositions and Polymer specifications.

Our polymerization process development expertise includes:

  • Handling high pressure reactors to conduct polymerization reactions which includes hydrogenation of polymers in batch reactors ranging from gram to kilogram scale
  • Handling synthesis and fine tuning polymerization catalysts using highly sensitive reagents like aluminum alkyls, butyl lithium’s metallocenes
  • To carry out radical, anionic, multiphase emulsion/suspension and metal catalyzed polymerization reactions to achieve homo, random and block co-polymers with well-defined macromolecular structures

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