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Toxicology Services

Syngene offers a full range of general toxicology services supported by clinical and anatomic pathology services, formulation analysis, small and large molecule bioanalysis, toxicokinetic analysis and interpretation. Our experienced toxicology team is capable of identifying potential toxicity of a drug at an early stage of drug discovery helping our partners make fast and effective drug development decisions. We can assess mechanism-based toxicity and critical target organ toxicity at an early stage to provide a go-no-go decision point for the sponsors.

We provide a range of toxicology services for both small and large molecules based on current global regulatory guidelines. Our scientific team designs effective study plans to meet specific program objectives and ensures fast turnaround times. We have five Board Certified (DABT) toxicologists in the team with a combined experience of over 100 years in product development.

  • exploratory-discovery
    Exploratory/Discovery Toxicology
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  • BGTS
    Battery of Genetic Toxicology Studies
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  • Services_Toxicology_Acute
    Acute, Sub-chronic and Chronic Toxicity Studies
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  • Services_Toxicology_DART
    Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (DART) Studies
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