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Toxicity Studies

Acute, Sub-chronic and Chronic Studies

Toxicity Studies

Syngene delivers a full range of general toxicology services supported by complete toxicokinetic analysis and interpretation. The in-house experts in small and large molecule bioanalysis, formulation analysis, clinical and anatomic pathology services and other disciplines enables us to conduct studies with integrated endpoints for faster, more cost-efficient results and to provide a comprehensive integrated study report.

Acute Toxicity Studies
  • Single dose oral, dermal and inhalation studies
  • Acute inhalation study
  • Local tolerance studies
  • Skin and ocular irritation - rabbits
  • Mucous membrane irritation - rabbits
  • Guinea pig maximization studies and Local lymph node assay
  • Acute parenteral toxicity studies
Sub-Acute Toxicity Studies
  • Repeat dose 7, 14, 21, 28 & 42 day studies
Sub-Chronic Toxicity Studies
  • Repeat dose 90 day studies
Chronic Toxicity Studies
  • Repeat dose 120 & 180 day studies

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